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Apr 24, 2016


All bow to Queen Bey! That’s right Beyonce has done it once again my fellow beehive members. Hot on the heels of her HBO Special Lemonade, Queen Bey has dropped an epic visual album for all of us to enjoy.

Queen B



Have you seen her HBO special? ‘Lemonade’ is exactly as it’s title suggests; a brave woman who has made lemonade out of life’s lemons. Revealing her deep inner search within herself for happiness, and peace. Why a journey for peace and inner happiness you ask? Oh my loves. Beyonce reveals in this intimate look into her emotions of Jay-Z’s betrayal or her Fathers? That’s right. Lets all have a moment to read that twice. Our beloved Beyonce was cheated on or let down by her loving father. While the tabloids have been hot on this topic we have been unable to come to terms that anyone could possibly cross Queen Beyonce. Her album ‘Lemonade’ is a visual urban fairy tale wrought with tales full of; infidelity, betrayal, and women who are capable of rising above all adversity.



Instead of making headlines with nasty public fights, twitter controversy or anything this modern day and age always seems to bring to light during celebrity fueds, Beyonce took the topic home. The music. Music speaks to all of us, on many levels, and crosses all genders, beliefs, and races to bind us together. Thus we have Beyonce’s soul wrenching ballad to us: ‘Lemonade’. It is a celebration and the most adult work of this celebrated artist to date. The one hour HBO special that is sure to keep you riveted to your tv screen.


You can purchase Beyonce’s new album exclusively on TIDAL now, or wait out the 24hr exclusivity period and snag it on iTunes tomorrow.