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Mar 19, 2016


If you’re looking to release stress, have a good time, or just escape from the crazy world we live in for a couple of days, Beyond Wonderland is your destination.

Beyond Wonderland is a 18+ two day event hosted by Insomniac Events that takes you on journey that goes where the name says, Beyond Wonderland. This event consists of 10 straight hours of EDM, Trap, and Electro music preformed by many popular artists and DJs such as Billy Kenny, Shagge, Alesso, and Deorro, all preforming on five different stages at the same time.

Wonderland 1That being said, the festival isn’t for everyone. Clocking in at over 19 hours of non-stop music you have to know what you’re getting into coming into the event. This one isn’t for the faint of heart but the experience is well worth it.

Beyond Wonderland is an adrenaline packed, blood pumping event that will let all your emotions loose, and has an environment that will make you feel welcomed and at home with food trucks, free water vendors, refreshment center, and medical tent that provides every medical need. The event provides an experience that will make anyone want to dance along with the beat of the music, and that will turn anybody into a fan of the music. Insomiac Events definitely took me BEYOND Wonderland.

Written by: Angel Rodriguez

Photos: Jessie Rodriguez