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Dec 18, 2019

Black Star Burger Opens in L.A.

The Fairfax Strip that runs between Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard in Hollywood, California has become the new age Millennials version of the fame Sunset Strip of the 90s.  Locals and tourists flock to line up for the newest drop from Supreme fashion or a sneak peak to what the Diamond Supply Company will be showcasing. 

It was only right that the internationally famous Black Star Burger would make its stateside debut on this hip block.   The vibe is almost as cool as the mouthwatering menu that showcases burgers, side dishes, and ice cream sundaes with popular breakfast cereal toppings. 

Fear not for those of the omnivorous fashion.  They are welcome to pull up a chair with optional vegan patty and cheese substitutions (at no extra charge!) and the ability to make it the “LA Way” with lettuce wraps. 

Because of the fresh ingredients, juicy patty, and several house made sauces to choose from, Black Star serves each entree with their signature, single serve black gloves.   These are disposed of in a separate bin to be recycled after use as an encouragement for patrons to reduce the napkin waste. 

Coming in 2020 will be the second half of the restaurant that will showcase a full bar and host all the trendiest parties.  Better get on the waitlist for that, ASAP!