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Aug 17, 2018

To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved

Netflix’s latest rom-com to hit the queue is “To All The Boys I’ve Loved.”


This  romantic comedy, is based on the New York Times best selling novel! The film  is a fresh take the realities of being a teenager and in high school. Most of the high school themed shows and movies I’ve seen lately exaggerate many aspects of it, especially the popular girl and the awkwardly silent nerd!

Now, I won’t lie the main character Lara-Jean was painfully awkward and didn’t know how to really speak her mind, but the realness of the acting and mannerisms Lana Condor, actress playing L-J, exuded as an awkward teenager were
uncanny! It may help that she is 21-years-old and more fresh out of high school than I am, but she really played up the awkward tension that happens often in high school and the sexual curiosity/insecurity that every virgin encounters!
The entire cast was beautiful and the acting was fresh. I was a little taken out of the movie by a few of the actors chosen, because their acting was extremely green and a little premature. The message still got across, but there were points in the
movie where I knew it was acting and it was not “real-life.” And getting taken away into a new world, a new life or another dimension is what people go to the movies for. I will say having Jon Corbett as the patriarch of L-J’s family, the Covey family helped immensely with the credibility of the movie. The family dynamic of the
Covey’s is heart-warming, relatable and something viewers will get envious of. If you are looking to take a trip down your own mental memory lane.

I’d highly suggest “To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved.” It will make you realize how silly high school drama is, how weak in the knees you can get from the smile of someone you like, and it shows how calculated high school students are. “To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved” hits Netflix August 17th!



Madison Conklin