Events, Film
Apr 22, 2012


Everytime a film is released, there is a lot of planning that goes into making that film a box office success. We had the chance to sit in on the Tribeca Talks- Film & Brands panel  and speak with industry executives and top filmmakers including Brett Ratner, on what goes into releasing the next big hit!

Brands and filmmakers are increasingly collaborating on film projects to achieve a range of objectives, from marketing and public relations to corporate storytelling and philanthropy. As the number of projects and the platforms for product distribution increase, the bar has been raised for how to make these projects effective corporate storyteling pieces, as well as quality films.

At the Tribeca Talks panel we were able to join in on the conversation about where the increasingly complex and sophisticated world of film branding and product placement is headed.  The panel also served as a wonderful opportunity for independent filmmakers to learn from some of the top media professionals in the field. The panel included Brett Ratner, Judy Hu, Johanna Blakley, Mark Crumpacker, Rich Lehrfield, and Job Patricoff (who happens to be the President and Chief Operating Officer of Tribeca Enterprises).

The rest of the panel boasts equally impressive credentials. Johanna Blakely is the managing director at the Norman Lear Center. She measures the impact of feature films and documentaries on the attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors of viewers. Mark Crumpacker is the Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle Mexican Grill and the Creative Director for Sequence,LLC, a strategic design and marketing consulting firm he co-founded in 2002. Judy Hu is GE’s Global Executive Director of Advertising and Branding. She launched the global campaign “Imagination at Work,” which won more than 120 Awards globally. Rich Lehrfeld is Vice President of Global Media, Sponsorship, & Experiential Marketing at Amerian Express. Through innovative media platforms, one-of-a-kind engagement marketing programs, and industry-defining partnerships, Lehrfeld has helped redefine American Express’ consumer engagement approach.

It was safe to say these professionals knew what they were talking about and it was a unique experience to be able to hear their myriad of tips, advice, and food for thought. There was certainly a lot for filmmakers to digest and implement to assure future success.

While making a good film is always at the forefront, the power of branding and marketing can sometimes create enough buzz to overcome product flaws and push an otherwise good film to the next level. Perhaps, Brett Ratner said it best.  “Passion is undeniable,”  he said when talking about success, something he knows a thing or two about! His films have grossed close to $2 billion at the Global Box Office for hits such as Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Tower Heist.