May 27, 2022

‘Bridgerton’ Star Ruby Barker Opens Up About Mental Health 

Mental health may well be the most pressing issue of our generation, actress Ruby Barker from Bridgerton is bringing awareness and aid without judgement to the forefront of conversations, in hopes of change.


Ruby Barker is speaking out about her own struggles with mental health. She is candid about including a recent hospitalization, in hopes to help encourage others to more carefully consider their mental health journey. By sparking up a conversation she hopes to inspiure others to get the support they need it, when they need it. In a more than five-minute video shared on her Instagram account Thursday, she recounts her hospitalization and urges those who are struggling to reach out for the help they need in their communities.

“I’ve been really unwell for a really long time, and I just wanted to be honest with everybody. I have been struggling,” she said. “So I’m in the hospital at the minute and I’m gonna get discharged soon and hopefully get to continue with my life. I’m gonna take a little bit of a break for myself and I want to encourage others if you are struggling, please do yourself a favor. Take a break. Stop being so hard on yourself.”

During the Instagram video message, Ruby apologized to fans for stepping back from the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre and Talawa Theatre Company’s world premiere of Running With Lions due to a combination of her mental health and a COVID-19 diagnosis.

She continues explaining why she stepped away.

“All this intergenerational trauma bundled up inside me and I was carrying the weight of a world on my back,” she explained. “Now I’m at a point where I have a diagnosis and I will talk to you about that at another time. But I have a diagnosis and I am relinquishing myself. I’m forgiving myself and drawing a line in the sand. I can’t carry on the way that I’ve been carrying on. I need to change. So that’s what I’m trying to do.”

“I was trying to hold together my mental health like this, just adding so much pressure. Like my brain was just gonna go boom, and that’s basically what happened,” she added. “Sometimes you just got to take a break. You’ve got to say, ‘I can’t do this right now. I need support.’”

How do you feel about your mental health? Ruby’s bravery brings forth a too often overlooked or stigma’d idea of taking care of your mental health. Check in with yourself and your friends if need be. Lets all work on being a bit kinder and not being scared to accept the help we need. Ruby is the epitome of actors giving back. Sharing this side of your life is scary, and she is quite brave and doing a true service to people all around the globe. Lets stop the mental health help stigma and move forward to happy and healthier versions of oursevles.