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May 17, 2014


Chances are if you haven’t heard of Nashville recording artist Brigitte DeMeyer, don’t worry, you will.

To officially launch her sixth newly released recording “Savannah Road” she booked a special performance in Hollywood at the Hotel Cafe. Her set list included new tracks in which she performed with such youthful passion, she intimately lead us down a soulful path of acoustic back roads and trails that you’ll only find in Southern America.

One of those paths is a lovely song titled, “Say You Will Be mine” (my new favorite song and yours too if you heard it) filled with intricate melodic finger-picking and intense emotional vocals you can’t help but feel her loneliness, with lyrics like “Say you will be mine/Words unspoken in the air have/Got me on the line…Put this heart in your hand so fine/No matter what the consequences/say that you’ll be mine”, it’s not to hard to get lost in her world even in a crowed place with every song ending in cheers and shouts.

Leading us down with “Worker” DeMeyer describes a beautiful tale of how all she wants to do is embrace her love till he has to go back to “Fields of cotton/miles of stone…” and how all she wishes is for him to, “Lay your hammer down/till the sun comes up/Love’s libation can be found and I will fill your cup.” a passion and longing anyone can relate to. Along with fellow collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Will Kimbrough, her lyrics combine storytelling and starking images that pulls and depicts every facet of the human heart.

DeMeyer’s southern comfort is evident in her stage presence taking her audience to childhood firefly evenings and front porch get-togethers, her smile is as every radiant as her songs, all you have to do is go to a show to witness for yourself because if you think a song like “My Someday” is beautiful on record then you should do yourself a favor and hear it in person. If you happened to miss this performance, don’t worry you can make it up on May 18th, where she will open for none other than Gregg Allman (who inspired Savanna Road) at ‘Humphrey’s By The Bay’ in San Diego.BrigitteDeMeyerHotelCafe

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