Apr 19, 2013


The 3rd annual Brokechella Music & Arts Festival gathered nearly 1500 young, broke, and freakishly fabulous concert goers this past weekend in Downtown L.A. The affordable entry (a mere $10) allowed concert goers to enjoy over 40 bands on three stages, delicious food vendors, various visual arts exhibit, and a vintage clothing shop on wheels.

The festival took place the same weekend as Coachella, a much larger music festival that draws more than 80,000 people and 175 bands on 7 stages over a three-day span. This type of experience will cost you a minimum of $349. Yikes!

Sure, it would be crazy fun to go to Coachella and see all of these huge bands and amazing art installations (let’s not forget to mention the amazing people watching that goes down at these wild and free music festivals). But let’s be real. In the land of struggling actors, screenwriters, and musicians $349 for a festival entry is nearly half your month’s rent and that doesn’t even begin to cover travel expenses, food, party supplies, and whatever else your little heart would desire on your weekend getaway.

The people behind cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA decided that The City of Angeles needed an alternative. For all the struggling you-name-its and people who hate large crowds, this fest is for you. These folks did a really great job organizing the fest and making sure everyone had a great time. Bellies stayed full thanks to some amazing food trucks (seriously, check out and, beer was easily accessible (and affordable, $4!!) thanks to the Carlsberg’s motorhome keg, and best of all, you didn’t have to miss out on the music while waiting in line.

The music catered to all genres, from funk and hip-hop to alternative rock and 80’s new wave. Each stage housed a different style of music. The Shifty Rhythms stage kept everyone groovin’ with 10 different DJ’s spinning everything from disco to electro. The Brownies & Lemonade stage kept the beats flowin’ with over 20 hip-hop acts. And The cARTel Stage kept the people rockin’ with 10 bands who actually played instruments. The majority of artists at the festival were local. Some notable acts of the night included King Washington, Mickey Taylor, Dead Ships, Mystery Skulls, and Neo Fresco, just to name a few.

So remember, if you can’t swallow the hefty price tag attached to Coachella next year, rest assured that there is always a place for you at Brokechella. Check out more footage of the festival at and keep up with the latest from cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA. Don’t stay broke, stay fabulous.

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