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Sep 30, 2022

Brooke Burke Teams Up With Longevity To Bring Sustainable Habits To Everyone

Brooke Burke celebrated the launch of Longevity by Brooke Burke Body on Thursday September 22, at a private residence in Malibu for an evening event.

Image Courtesy: Longevity

Guests celebrated the release of Burke‚Äôs new Super Food supplement in Malibu as music, ocean views, and Longevity-infused bites flowed at a mansion in Malibu. This event kicked off the new release. If you’re asking yourself what is Longevity? Well, it’s a nutrient dense, plant-based superfood free of wheat, gluten, and dairy. You can purchase Longevity through an online subscription. The Longevity superfood blends are easy to incorporate as part of your daily routine (hello smoothies!) to provide more energy, better focus, increased endurance, and faster recovery in as little as seven to 10 days of regular use.

If you want to try it out but aren’t sure where to start or how to incorporate the supplement, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily find custom recipes that are simple and easy to follow on the Longevity website and on and the Brooke Burke Body fitness app. Prices range from $39.95 – $57.95 with subscription options available.

The foundational launch includes two carefully crafted, proprietary blends made up of the ideal combination of non-GMO, raw, organic, plant-based superfoods in either Cacao or Cafe Mocha flavor. Each flavor blend is packed with therapeutic levels of chia seed, flaxseed, green tea, probiotics, goji, and more in a single scoop serving.