Oct 13, 2016

Bruce Cardenas of Quest Nutrition Explains Why This Forward Thinking Food Company Is a Celebrity Favorite

We may have just met the “real” most interesting man in the world – Bruce Cardenas, Chief Communications Officer for Quest Nutrition! He’s a former US Marine, LAPD officer, and former celebrity body guard (Yes! Fun fact: Rosie O’Donnell was a client).

BruceCardenas_ArnoldSchwarzeneggerWe caught up with him to learn how he got involved with Quest Nutrition. We would have never guessed that he got his start with the brand by becoming gym friends with the founders well before Quest became the giant empire it is today. What’s even cooler, Bruce would share Quest bars with celebrity friends and other people, for free, because he simply believed in the brand. Talk about paying it forward!

If you thought Quest was just another “protein” bar, think again. This is a forward-thinking food company that started with a mission to end metabolic disease. We sat down with Bruce to find out more about why the A-List loves this brand and how many times he’s been stopped at LAX for an autograph!

PPLA: First, we LOVE Quest bars and love seeing the excursions on your social media pages. You’ve met so many celebrities. What’s your secret for creating friendships with them?

BC: I try and make genuine relationships with people I meet. I don’t make it about wanting anything from them. I am always happy to share Quest with people and ask nothing in return. From that, people drop their guard and that’s it.

PPLA: Out of all the celebs you know, in your opinion, which ones love Quest the most?

BC: Jessica Simpson, Mario Lopez (Quest PB Cups) Michael Strahan, Arnold Schwarzenegger , Sly Stallone, and Khloe K and the Kardashian sisters. It’s so common to hear that many top celebrities carry Quest bars in their bags and purses. Many will even show me when we meet.

PPLA: How did you become a “local celebrity” yourself? Everyone who knows Quest seems to know “Bruce.” How did that happen?

BC: I found out at some point in my life that getting out, being seen and connecting with people helps you become known. With Quest it’s so easy to do that, and it’s sometimes funny when people stop me to say they recognize me from social media or from being out. I’ve been in airports around the world and get stopped. It’s very humbling and funny, as I’m no one that important.

QuestNutritionPPLA: Is it true that not all celebrities require endorsement money to really endorse a brand they love?

BC: 100% true. We are very fortunate at Quest Nutrition to have people organically speak about us and go on social media to rave about our products. Now, there are some celebrities that require money, and others who may charge some brands large amounts of money, but some will just ask for product from us to talk about Quest. I feel we’re very fortunate to be sharing healthy products with these people.

PPLA: Who are some of the great celebrities you’ve worked with or been around who are fun to work with?

BC: I’d say some of the most fun celebrities we work with are the YouTube celebrities or the famous Instagram users. We have many of the WWE girl and guy superstars that are hooked on our products. While there are many A-list celebrities we work with, I can’t say we’ve engaged with them enough to say they’re fun to work with. However, I can say they really enjoy our product and I’m very thankful for that.

PPLA: Bars. Chips. We love Quest – especially since you’re an LA-based company. What’s next for Quest Nutrition?

BC: We have some exciting new things coming out, including protein tortilla-type chips and cereal protein bars that are going to change the world. We’ve also taken some other food products that are normally not healthy and have created healthy versions of the snacks. 7. What’s it like traveling all over the world for a brand that you represent and love? What do they say? If you love what you do you’re never really working. I will say it’s amazing to travel and share great products with people everywhere I go. I love to share with the flight crews I meet while traveling.

PPLA: Anything our readers should know about Quest that they may not know?

BC: Yes. We have amazing things coming with news foods, and soon you will walk into a grocery store and see a Quest section. In the medical realm, we are feeding dogs Keto diets (high fat, low carb, moderate protein) and have positive results with cancer tumors shrinking from these diets. That’s just the start.BruceCardenas_QuestNutrition

PPLA: What about you? Share a fun fact about yourself you think your “fans” may want to know.

BC: I have three cats, I’ve been to 12 Super Bowls, and I work as a reserve Sheriff when I have time 😉

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