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Mar 15, 2021

Music Crush Monday: BTS

K-Pop sensations BTS gave a gorgeous performance all the way from Seoul, South Korea for the Grammy’s this past Sunday. Which is exactly why we’re kicking off our week with this fantastic single that adds a little pep to our step.

Image Still Credit: CBS

Kickoff your week with “Dynamite” from BTS to give it that energetic boost you need to keep going. BTS did an incredible job re-creating the Grammy’s all the way across the globe! We loved the reveal that they were actually in South Korea, with a stunning performance atop a sky scraper pulling back to show us Seoul. It was a fun show, and made us long for travel. We can’t wait to safely hop on a plane, to travel all the way across the world. Imagine waking up in Seoul?! Travel is such a luxury and music is a connector. We won’t be taking it for granted ever again. Here’s to planning adventures abroad with kickass music to accompany all of our adventures. Let us know your thoughts on BTS’ vibrant and energetic Grammy’s performance.