Festivals, Film
Aug 21, 2012


The Burbank International Film Festival doesn’t start for another two weeks but that isn’t stopping the festival from kicking off early with a series of classes geared toward independent filmmakers. The event, which took place in Burbank’s own Woodbury University, brought together some of the film industry’s top movers and shakers. The day included seminars on everything from the art of special effects to an introduction to the world of stunt work. One of the most interesting classes of the day involved a group of casting directors. The seasoned group represented casting from the commercial, television and film world. With years of experience between them they not only taught the early morning audience some tricks of the trade but also gave them some honest truths. “You have to be honest in this business. If you show us a headshot that is 20 years old or present yourself as something that isn’t you we are going to know very quickly,” said Addison Witt of Witt Management.

One of the highlights of the day included a three-hour presentation by a group of Hollywood’s hottest sound mixers and editors. The class, which included a discussion with Greg Russell of the new Skyfall film, touched on the art of sound editing and how it has changed the industry.

The seminars offer a tremendous launching ground for up-and-coming filmmakers to not only learn the tricks of the trade but do some serious networking as well. The fact that they are open to the public and free of charge means that those that wish to be in the industry have no excuse but to attend. It is a perk other film festivals around the country should take note of and follow suit. After all, who knows which member of the audience will end up making the next award winning film that will appear at a festival.

While the Burbank International Film Festival is still relatively small, it remains a tremendous incubator for upcoming filmmakers from all over the world. With a festival roster that includes every genre of filmmaking, the festival attracts the attention of industry
professional and executives that work within the studio system.

We look forward to attending the festival which runs from September 5th-9th. For more information on the fest visit BurbankFilmFestival.org.