Jun 6, 2011


When I hear the name Hearst the first thing that comes to mind is the amazing Hearst Castle I visited as a child while on my first trip along the coast of California, well that and the nearly 200 magazines, 40 newspapers and 30 television and cable holdings my adult self now recognizes as part of the iconic brand.

When I think about Mark Burnett productions, I find myself reminiscing about my first production job in the equally grandiose Trump Tower on the set of The Apprentice and the countless hits including Survivor, The Contender, and The Voice that this visionary reality television producer has created.

So when an announcement was made today that a media, production, and events based merger between the two entities was signed, I couldn’t help but smile like a kid who found the golden ticket in a Willy Wonka Candy Bar.

The venture will focus on creating media content, producing events around this content, and spinning off related television shows. It included Hearst acquiring a substantial interest in Burnett’s production business. The deal is sure to make these two powerhouse brands an even stronger tour-de-force in the entertainment industry.