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Apr 5, 2013


I can’t believe that it was a year ago that designer consignment boutique, Buttons and Bows opened their doors in downtown Los Angeles. Karen Marley (Bob Marley’s daughter) and Monique Aquino have had great success over the past year and Buttons and Bows has become a popular destination to shop in the fashion district. They decided to celebrate that success with an invite-only party for their loyal customers and supporters.

The party featured desserts from Semi Sweet Bakery, vodka cocktails by Fair and of course shopping! We talked to Karen about what they’ve been up to over the past year and she told us, “It’s been great! We’ve just been building and building. And it’s just been really positive for us. You know we’ve gotten a lot of press so that’s been good. And Mo spearheaded the whole Shopwalk out here, so we’re trying to bring a little business to downtown. We’ve had so much support and everyone has been amazing.”

In addition to the usual fabulous designers that the store carries, they have a few new accessory designers including Gabriella Artigas. Karen and Monique also have been dabbling in designing a few accessories themselves and are thinking about doing it on a larger scale in the future. Consigners visit the store everyday with great items to be sold. We recommend that everyone stop in and check out this amazing boutique. Visit Buttons and Bows or the store at 111 West 7th Street Suite R11, Los Angeles, CA 90014.