Jun 6, 2011


The Fox Network and Glenn Beck’s company Mercury Radio Arts, announced that Beck will leave his self-titled Fox News show, Glenn Beck, later this year. Although there is some question as to why, the real question worth asking, is will anybody, besides Glenn Beck, care?

While there is no arguing that Beck, who joined Fox in January of 2009, nearly doubled ratings overnight with his highly opinionated and often controversial views. However, his recent rants and erratic behavior may have alienated even his core audience. A drop of nearly a million viewers in a year’s time accompanied by a growing list of almost 400 advertisers who refused to air during his program had to weigh in on the networks decision.

Beck who was known for his unique perspective on the state of what’s wrong with America may have pushed the public one conspiracy theory too far. Perhaps his patriotic pomp and circumstance simply just became old news. Even his most devote followers may have felt just because something is true doesn’t mean they want to be reminded of it over and over again.

Both Beck and Fox maintain that Beck will continue to create content for Fox television and digital including a series of upcoming documentaries. Perhaps only his rival Steven Colbert will miss his absence. Certainly, Beck will not go quietly.