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Jun 15, 2016


Summer has arrived here in beautiful Los Angeles and that means plenty of time for all of us to sneak away to her beautiful beaches, pools, and summer getaways.

Bzees is a fun brand that specializes in water shoes ( aka Sea Dogs!). What better way to participate in summer water sports and games than to snag a pair of water shoes to protect your feet? Their latest line is bright, playful, and more comfortable than walking on a cloud. The styles are versatile both in design and colors.

To test them out Bzees invited a select group of social influencers to check out Paddle Method ( Stand Up Paddle Boarding) here in Marina Del Rey California last Sunday. Bright and early a small group of us took SUP lessons and then put our new found knowledge to the test in the still waters of the marina before heading out into the ocean.

The Seasdog’s Bzees has designed have a sound grip which really help anchor you to the board when you’re paddling through ocean waves and boat wakes on your way out of the marina. They also dry pretty rapidly once you’re out of the water, which is another big plus. We’re crushing on their blue ‘Wink Water Shoe’ here at the office. Not to mention they’ll really come in handy late summer when the sand is so hot it sizzles the bottom of your feet. Head over to their site and let us know which is your favorite style!

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