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May 8, 2020

Cabin Fever? Lanima Launches New Site Featuring Immersive Content

Lanima is one of our favorite female based businesses in Los Angeles. Their founder Debbi was moved by her journey across our planet, she now curates a skincare line which is mindful of our environment while also aiding women in post genocide countries.

Image Credit: Lanima

Lanima creates in small batches to ensure the best benefits for your skin, from their expertly chosen ingredients. Lanima creates their skincare products through a sacred process of crafting botanical micro-rituals. Each of their skincare edits invites you to a deeper connection to your skin, senses, and soul. Now their site offers insight not just into the ingredients going into your skincare, but the women who are behind them.

Our favorite beauty product from Lanima is their mist. Directly from their site: ‘LA DIGUE SERUM MIST’- Crafted from a curated blend of nutrient-dense botanical oils and actives, this mist delivers an intoxicating boost of hydration, improving clarity, tone, elasticity and firmness.($40) We originally wanted to share this gem in our holiday shopping guide but timing and delivery skewed our plans, which has given us a thorough amount of time to test it out. We’ve decided it is a must have addition to your skincare routine. The mist is filled with vitamins which are great for your skin and in the summer this is especially helpful. Its very important to keep your skin hydrated and in the ty is easy to lather on a great face cream, in the summer with the heat and humidity it can be bad for your pores. We love using Lanima’s mist at night before bed. Not only does it hydrate your skin, you don’t have to fret about it clogging your pores. Another great option is finding a face oil that works for you, as believe it or not oils are more lightweight moisturizers, and you can finish it off with a spritz of their mist. Let us know you thoughts!

With everyone at home right now, there has never been a better time to experiment with your skin care routine.