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Feb 22, 2016


As you may know, the music industry is a tricky business. Yet, Cady Groves—aka the Comeback Kid—knows the struggle all to well. After a promising start in her blossoming music career, she decided to put her music career on hold. Now, she is back with a fun new EP titled “Dreams.”

Press Pass LA had the opportunity to talk with Groves about her music career and future plans. Without further adieu, check out our fun interview with rising star, Cady Groves!

PPLA: You took a brief hiatus from the music world, and many of your fans wondered what had happened. Where did you go? And, what did you do during your break?CadyGroves

CG: Well, I just feel like to be a real artist and to write real songs, you have to actually live life. I had to figure out who I was and I had to grow up—that took taking a bit of time off. And, I didn’t even really have that much fun. I was still writing songs, but I just took time off being in the public eye. It ended up being amazing for me! I became a better person; a better artist. I had a chance to live a real normal life and get a lot of new cool stuff to write about.

PPLA: Okay, that’s good! So, you’re finally back and you’ve released a new EP, “Dreams”. What was your inspiration behind the EP’s sound?

CG: Honestly, it was that year and a half I took for myself. I figured out that living a normal life in a small town wasn’t for me, and that my dreams were too big. And, I kind of did a whole comeback.

PPLA: Your most personal song to date is “Crying Game”. Most artists aren’t willing to release songs this revealing of their personal lives. What made you decide to go this route?

CG: I don’t see the point in writing flulff, writing things that are just like “oh lets get a title, and write something catchy”. I have to write because this is how I get through my life. Writing is how I cope with my life, and I was really going through it at that time. I’m not very good at opening up to people. And, I’m not good at talking or telling people when I need help. Like, I was depressed for eight days after writing that song—I couldn’t even get out of bed. But, it helped me so much.

PPLA: I read that you allowed fans to be apart of the “Dreams” music video. What made you decide to allow fans this opportunity?

CG: They’ve been with me through so much stuff and they stayed with me even when I went away. And, [they] made time for me, and let me find who I was—they’re my best friends. They deserve to be apart of my video; they deserve to be apart of everything.

PPLA: What was it like collaborating with your fans on this video?

CG: It was amazing! They are hilarious.

PPLA: For those who aren’t familiar with your previous sound, it leaned towards a more folk and country sound—like on “A Month of Sunday’s” and “The Life of a Pirate.” Do you think that you will ever go back to your country roots?

CG: I’m not trying to peg myself down to any sound. So, I’m just writing the songs that I feel like I’m meant to write. So, whatever comes out is going to happen.

PPLA: With the release of “Dreams,” fans are craving more of your music. When can we expect to see a full-length album from you?

CG: Well, I was in the studio in Nashville all last week and I’m always writing—we’re not stopping. We’re still promoting the “Dreams” EP [and] we’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming up. My next song to come out is “Caught!”

PPLA: As a fun question, do you have any other hobbies or talents that are non-music related?

CG: Well, I went to culinary school. So, I love cooking!

PPLA: Oh really? That’s awesome!

CG: Yea! So, I cook all the time. I love making guacamole. We actually have a lot of surprises coming up for the fans soon. But, I can’t reveal too much!

PPLA: Before we finish, is there anything that you would like to tell us?

CG: I just want to say thank you to anyone who has given my music shot over the years, and anyone who took stuff further and actually thought to get to know me as an artist personally—it means a lot to me. I think it’s dope. I just had to understand myself and become a better person. I just want to thank anyone who kind of had any part in that.

12002938_10153548093999277_6800639007829490134_nMake sure to check out Cady Groves’ latest EP, “Dreams”. Keep a look out for this comeback artist in the near future!

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