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Jul 29, 2016

Cafe Society Review

Woody Allen is a director who is no stranger to social commentary. All of his films from ‘Annie Hall’ to ‘Vicky, Christina, Barcelona’ are meant to be a peek into the lives of others and how they live. Cafe Society premiered this past spiring at The Cannes Film Festival to rave reviews. 

Cafe Society picks up during the height of glamour of the silver screen. Following the life of two very different relatives from the same family, you have a view inside the heavy juggernauts of Hollywood’s golden age along with the newbie’s sense of wonder from the bottom. In true Hollywood style we see ‘Bobby’ ( Jesse Eisenberg) have a job “made up for him” as weeks go by while he tries to snag a meeting with his uncle ‘Phil Stern’ ( Steve Carell) and then is assimilated into the height of shall we say it: Cafe Society.

The film does take a deeper and darker turn towards human emotions as we progress. What does the heart want? Are there choices we should have changed? Does it matter what we do, if we don’t love it? How do you love you career? The people in your life? Can you ever truly know the people you love? Good old Woody Allen never leaves an audience without question. The cinematography and Wardrobe are incredible. If you watch for no other reason than onscreen beauty, and well a picked soundtrack, you will not be disappointed. The witty banter is everything you expect from Woody Allen. While his main ladies Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart thrive as interesting characters with some questionable motives on one side. Without giving plot away we can only urge you to see Woody’s latest hit: ‘Cafe Society’ and let us know your thoughts.