May 20, 2019

Can Robert Pattinson Soar as Batman?

Robert Pattinson may be best known as Edward Cullen from the Twilight franchise, but he’s been on the indie film circuit for years now, proving his acting chops. Can he handle The Batman?

Bruce Wayne is Batman, this iconic character has become a cornerstone of American sotrytelling. The Bruce Wayne has become a character archtype in storytelling today. Robert Pattinson didn’t take the massive commercial success of Twilight, and go studio film to studio film. Instead he made varied, and daring artistic choices. Many of them did not end in monetary success or event critial acclaim. But all of his roles, had one thing in common, his stunning range as an actor. At 33 he has spent years detaching from the persona of “Edward Cullen” which brought about his mega fame and obsessive fanbase. Which may sound like a first world problem, but you really wouldn’t wish that level of character attachment on anyone. Daniel Radcliffe can definetly relate, thus his long runs on Broadway. Robert Pattinson arguably has one of the best jaw lines to play The Bat, if we’re going on looks alone. If you still feel doubtful of his work, you should do yourself a favor and check out Queen of The Desert and Good Time. Once you’ve done that, then come back and lets chat about his chances of a solid Bruce Wayne. Afterall, George Clooney had nipples on his Batsuit and we’ve managed to forgive him…well….maybe.