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May 26, 2015


One of the hottest invites at Cannes International Film Festival is DPA, put on by Nathalie Dubois. DPA’s suite is just off the Crosiette in the heart of Cannes located in the Carlton Hotel.

unnamed-1For years we have come to Nathalie’s suite because it features some of the top luxury brands out there. This year Dubois suite featured trips to the exotic Tahaa (next to Bora Bora), accommodations to the Nikki Beach in Dubai and featured $18,000 jade pendants from NY Arido.

DPA has always been a favorite between celebrities and industry professionals. Some of the A-list talent that frequent DPA’s suite includes: Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Jane Seymore, among many others.

unnamed-5Some of the fashions found in DPA’s suite included French Designer, Pascal Piveteau . Piveteau’s line features a collection crafted from leather creating a sleek yet alluring fit. The line also features handbags with metal hardware on the straps, creating a modern and functional purpose. Piveateau’s line is designed and assembled in Paris and can be found in stores across the globe in Bejing, Casablanca, and New York to name a few.  Be sure to visit Piveteau’s website to review the lookbook.

Yet another fashion brand showcased in the suite was LA based designer Eva Varro. Eva’s fashions are perfect for travel and make a one-of-a-kind statement! You can find Eva Varro online and in a Dillard’s department store near you.

Not only did DPA have fashion down, they also invited one of the best pearl manufactures based in Dubai. Masaaki Pearls has a variety of pieces for everyday to dramatic and elaborate jewelry designs for night.

Although jewelry is key, beauty products and relaxation is just as important. Natalie’s suite hosted Qiriness a French based line. Qiriness focuses on all natural products designed to refresh and hydrate the skin. After a long day touring the South of France, I enjoyed Qirness bath tablets and candles lit by Lothantique. Qirness can be found on many online boutiques.

Au revoir! See you next year at DPA’s amazing suites.