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Jan 24, 2018

Casper X American Airlines

Lifestyle brand Casper announced their official partnership with American Airlines, with all the swag you would expect of this innovative brand. 

This past week Capser X American Airlines took over chic dining spot Delilah in West Hollywood, Ca. None other than Jamie Foxx launched the event, and put his DJ skills to use as he hyped up the uber exclusive attendees. To make sure the partnership kicked off in style music artists, actors, and influencers were invited to mingle, and enjoy an evening of exclusive previews. Here are a couple of our favorite outtakes of the evening.


Rapper Kid Ink and his fiancé stopped by for drinks, as they enjoyed the atmosphere, and upcoming partnership.


As always Jamie Foxx arrived in style, and strut his stuff down the blue carpet of your dreams.


Dorothy Wong showed some fashion ferocity in this black velvet number.

You can check out Casper’s full catalog HERE, and as always American Airlines is taking you places.