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May 27, 2022

“MAKING A KILLING” Doc will premiere at the 2022 Dances With Films Festival Highlighting California’s Outdated Laws Around Medical Negligence

Making A Killing, a documentary on the shocking consequences of medical negligence and the outdated California laws surrounding it, will make its world premiere at…read more >

Apr 14, 2022

HBO Max Is Taking a Stab At The Beauty Industry With Their Latest Documentary ‘Not So Pretty’ Debuting Today

HBO Max documentaries strikes again with their latest Not So Pretty. Narrated by Keke Palmer, Not So Pretty is the first-ever comprehensive large-scale investigative expose…read more >

Mar 15, 2022

Netflix’s ‘Our Great National Parks’ Taps Former President Barack Obama as Narrator

Former President Obama is stepping into a new role, as on-camera talent to host and narrate Our Great National Parks, for Netflix. The series debuts…read more >

100 Years From Mississippi
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Mar 7, 2022

Documentary Spotlight: “100 Years From Mississippi”

“100 Years From Mississippi” is a true story of resilience, forgiveness, memory, and hope featuring the story of Mamie Lang Kirkland. Mamie Lang Kirkland still…read more >

Feb 11, 2022


Directed by Emmy award-winner Chris Terrill and from Emmy Award-winning producer Julia Nottingham and BAFTA Award winning producer Olivia Lichtenstein, The Last Mountain explores the…read more >

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Jan 12, 2022

The New Beatles ‘Get Back’ Documentary Might Be The Best Music Doc Of All Time, Here’s Why…

Sure, there’ve been other fictional tales, and documentaries that have tried to pull off that same kind of “Everyband” story while treating rock with a…read more >

Oct 13, 2021

‘MOTHERS OF THE REVOLUTION’ From Universal Pictures Hits Digital Platforms October 19th

Mothers of The Revolution is an all new feature documentary which tells the story of the extraordinary women behind the Greenham Common Peace Camp. If…read more >

Oct 7, 2021

HBO Documentary Explores Brittany Murphy’s Mysterious Death

HBO Max has a brand new documentary lined up, and this time they’re exploring the tragic death of actress Brittany Murphy. Blumhouse is the production…read more >

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Aug 13, 2021

Selma Blair Shares Intimate Look At Her Life And Struggle With MS In Intimate New Documentary

Selma Blair shares her struggles in and out of the hospital with multiple sclerosis in her upcoming documentary. One of the most bone chilling lines…read more >

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Jul 27, 2021

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Val’

Val Kilmer has released a self titled documentary, Val, as he intercuts his past with his present. The Academy Awards will be hard pressed to…read more >