Apr 5, 2013


Photo Credit, Project Gallery/

The memories of my favorite Rolling Stones songs were echoing throughout my mind as I attended Project Gallery’s “50 Years of The Rolling Stones” exhibition in celebration of the Stones’ 50th anniversary. The event featured never before seen intimate photos of The Stones. The photos were captured by photographers Ken Regan, Philip Townsend, Barrie Wentzell, Neal Preston, Lynn Goldsmith.

The photographers work was exceptional, covering the highlights of The Stones careers up close and personal. The exhibition included shots ranging from their most epic concerts to the band’s everyday life. The evening at Project Gallery started out with a mellow crowd and ended up being packed with fans and celebrity attendees including Ed Westwick, Brandon Boyd, Melissa Claire Egan and more, before the night closed out. It was a pleasant surprise to see shots of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in their younger years. Looking at pictures from some of their very first photo shoots was surreal! Philip Townsends’s early pictures of them portrayed them in an incredibly boyish and innocent way. One could not help but note how much they have evolved as individuals, as well as a band.

In addition, I was able to see beautiful shots from The Forum by Lynn Goldsmith. The Forum had a very classic look to it. In fact, I really enjoyed seeing spontaneous pictures of Keith Richards in his photo shoots. Keith is a hippie and a free spirit. There was a picture of him smoking a cigarette on the streets of New York City that really stood out. The picture showed various sets of  hands offering him cigarettes, but he was only smoking one. He was sitting on the curb on West 36th street in NYC. Per the caption at the bottom of the photo, the photographer had merely asked Keith to “just stop and take a picture because there was no traffic” and the result was something so organic. It really captured his essence as well as the spirit of 36th Street. As someone who once lived in Manhattan, I could feel the presence this historical street now known for great shopping and music.

In addition, my favorite piece was of Mick Jagger stepping off his jet in bell-bottoms. I enjoyed looking at how casual he was and how the picture captured the social freedom of the 70s. The Rolling Stones signature ‘lip symbol’ was visible on their jet and Mick walked out of the airplane with either a drink or coffee in his hand looking like such a rock star. Being Mick, my guess is a drink!

The Rolling Stones are legends and arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They are my personal favorite so It was a pleasure to admire the art and celebrate their fifty years. Both music and photography allow you to transcend time and capture a moment and a feeling, and I could not think of a better way to honor such a timeless band.

The exhibition is running now through April 21st. Visit for more details.