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Jan 29, 2021

Celebrating The Super Bowl But Stuck On The Menu? SLAB Has You Covered

SLAB was born from a backyard BBQ enthusiast who went on to open this restaurant with house-smoked brisket, ribs & classic sides.

With the Super Bowl on the horizon and social distancing in place, skip the long haul hours of cooking for your small gathering and get the best game day appetizers and main dish from SLAB. Who can deny that BBQ + football go together like a well tailored Grease musical number? Thi sis what SLAB has cooked up to celebrate the biggest day in sports. Head to to place your order.

Image Courtesy SLAB BBQ

SLAB Super Bowl Packages 

Smoked Wings $9 – 6 pieces $17 – 12 pieces $25 – 20 pieces $48 – 40 pieces 

The Burt $90 Feeds 4-6 ppl1/2 Chicken 1 Rack of Ribs (Tony’s or Spare)or 1.5 lbs Pulled Pork 1lb Brisket 2 Sides

OK Koral $159 Feeds 10-12ppl 1 Chicken 1.5 Rack of Ribs (Tony’s or Spare)3 lbs Pulled Pork 2 lbs Brisket 3 Sides

The Know A Guy $260Feeds 20 ppl 3 Chickens 3 Rackss of Ribs (Tony’s or Spare)4 lbs Pulled Pork 3 lbs Brisket 4 Sides

P.S. – Has anyone seen where we can purchase our Amanda Gorman jersey? We’re rooting for her.