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Dec 23, 2020

Celebrity Trainer, Dominic Anthony, Launches Dominic Effect App to Encourage Optimal Health and Body Positivity

Celebrity trainer, Dominic Anthony, has launched the Dominic Effect App, available on iPhone and Android. The app aims to make users feel their best both inside and out, with a focus on doing the internal work needed to meet your goals!

With 2020 being a tough year for everyone with both mental health (Zoom only access to most group or therapy sessions) and fitness challenges (parks, gyms closed) the app couldn’t come at a better time. Everyone is need of a “trainer in their pocket” and ways to cope while still battling quarantines at restricted orders at home.

We love this app because it includes customized workout and meal plans, grocery lists, hundreds of recipes, cooking tips, meditations, and mindfulness coaching- all carefully laid out by Dominic himself. It is like having a personal trainer, chef and nutritionist at home without the crazy costs!

We chatted with Dominic about his motivation behind the app and he shared, “I am extremely passionate about helping others; I always have been. There is no better feeling than seeing someone progress physically and mentally and witnessing the joy it can bring to their overall life. I have watched my clients manifest amazing careers, give childbirth, get married, and retire from their careers. Yes, my job is to help them get in the best shape of their life, but I am also there to be a friend and support system in whatever way they need. When I do one-on-one training,  clients come in for the hour, but we interact with each other throughout the week and keep the communication open. I am not at all a drill sergeant type of trainer, but I have my own personal way to motivate my clients and it works! I see so many other trainers not engaged in their clients or paying attention to their form.  I have made such a conscious effort to be the opposite.  I want to now bring my wealth of knowledge and passion for others to the masses and launching this app is the best way to reach more people directly and make an even bigger impact.”

For us, the greatest thing about this program is that it is 100% customized based on the criteria each user enters. All communication through the app and social media is answered directly by Dominic. In addition, the app offers weekly complimentary live events including guided meditations and workouts led by Dominic. Plus, it’s easy to get started:

Step 1: Visit the landing page to check current special offers, sign up, and then download the app.

Select the plan that is right for you including a workout or meal plan only for $19.99 a month or a combined workout + meal plan for $27.96 per month.

Step 2: Once downloaded, create an account, and select your nutrition goals, entering your preferences, including how you eat (vegan, meat, keto, etc.) The app collects all of the information needed, then Dominic and his team will review this data and create a customized meal or workout plan based on your needs. This includes a custom grocery list as well as recipes and how to cook the meals. 

Step 3: On the workout side, input your stats like height and weight, select body type, fitness goals, and level of fitness expertise and the app will curate a monthly workout plan. This will include the type of exercise to do, sets, and reps as well as video tutorials of Dominic guiding the user through the exercise to make sure the form is correct. 

Step 4: The meditations and mindset coaching portion of the app is something everyone can benefit from right now! It is key to have a healthy mindset on your fitness journey to help overcome any roadblocks when it comes to fitness experience, health conditions, food choices, and more. It provides the mental confidence you need on your journey and is of paramount importance to success.

You will never be given the same workout plan month to month, as the app changes the suggested routine each round. The meal guide also updates frequently offering new grocery lists and recipes. All emails and questions in the app are directly answered by Dominic to maintain a direct client relationship, and the app is suitable for anyone ages 16 and up, including geriatric fitness.

Some of Dominic’s celebrity clients include Vivica A. Fox, Brian McKnight, Kool & The Gang, DJ Maceo Plex, Young Thug, The Village People, and Aaron Kirman and Taylor Hasselhoff from CNBC’s Listing Impossible.