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Apr 25, 2017

Celebrity Beauty & Wellness Must-Haves For Spring

Coachella has come and gone and now it’s all about Spring. From outdoor activities, like hiking in Griffith Park, to beachside brunches and warm-weather travel, we’ve got your celebrity must-haves!
We’ve made it through the “rainy” season in Los Angeles and received our hour back of extra sunlight! It’s that time of year when Hollywood celebs get beach-body ready and spend any time not on set, outdoors. Here are a few picks for the best products and hotspots that are topping our list for Spring:

– 80% of your body’s immunity starts in your gut! Without your health, summer fun will be anything but enjoyable. We are totally in love with the line of probiotics by founder, Jamie Morea, that launched nationwide in Target stores April 25th! We’ve been longtime customers on Amazon so it’s comforting to know we can now pick up a bottle of our favorite supplements while browsing Target for a new bikini! The best part is that the line includes specialized formulas for women, moms-to-be and more. Jamie actually founded the line after contracting a parasite while traveling from Guatemala to Thailand. After fighting for her life, it became her mission to raise awareness of the importance of gut health so others can live a happy and healthy life. Every purchase supports the well-being and rights of women and girls around the world through Hyperbiotics collective, Change for Women. Check out the full line:

PRO-15: The perfect daily probiotic pearl with 15 diverse strains of bacteria
PRO-15 Advanced Strength: Triple strength formula with kiwifruit powder for colon health
PRO-Women: Designed for female urinary and digestive health; includes Cranberry extract and D-Mannose
PRO-Moms: Targeted probiotic strains for expectant and nursing women
PRO-Kids: The first time-released probiotic for children

Celebrity Wellness Must Haves

Fabletics– If you aren’t aware of Fabletics, the workout line by Kate Hudson, you might not have a pulse! If you do, get your heart rate up in this adorable gear. Co-founded by a Hollywood A-lister with some of the best abs in the business, Kate Hudson launched the affordable and fashion-forward activewear line to get all women as excited about working out as she is! A complete outfits start at $25, and members get VIP perks like no return fees or shipping charges. It’s a monthly membership club and you are given curated suggestions of cute workout gear each month based on your preferences. If you don’t feel like shopping that month just select “Skip a Month” and you won’t be charged a thing. If you do, you’ll be charged for your purchases just like at the mall, but without the hassle of leaving your home and searching for styles you like!

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Joiful– Lets face it, sometimes we need to get glam on the go! This app provides beauty and wellness at the tap of a button. It is a complete spa and salon experience at your fingertips. Founded on the premise that receiving beauty treatments should not feel like an errand, Joiful brings trained beauty and wellness professionals to your door for services like blowouts, nails, massage and more. We totally agree that beauty treatments should not feel like an errand and sometimes you just don’t have time to get to the spa between work, kids, and life- but you still want to look and feel your best. Our favorite is the event styling which comes in handy when you get that last minute invite to an exclusive event and didn’t have the chance to book a treatment in advance: #BeautyLifesaver!

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The Tanning Boutique– is Los Angeles’ premier beauty boutique and celebrity staple, providing pampering to the UCLA Gymnastics team, the cast of Vanderpump Rules and more! Founder and former Oakland Raiders cheerleader, Erica Arana, built a destination centered around custom and cutting edge services! We popped in to try out the”Skinny Cocktail” which is a skinny contour session (to help melt away that hard to lose fat) followed by a custom spray tan for definition and certainly felt ready for summer! Other services include automated Pura Spray Tan Booth, UV tanning (including a bronzing bed) Beverly Hills Microblading, Red Light Therapy (perfect for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and stimulating collagen growth) and Blue Light Therapy for a quick boost of healthy energy! We recommend getting a 10 pack of the Skinny Contour Light Wrap that we tried in the skinny cocktail for the best results. It’s a non-invasive contouring where one session is the equivalent of seven 30-minute high-intensity cardio workouts. Check out the 10- session before and after results here.

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Ra_Bar Beauty–  is located in the heart of West Hollywood and is a home converted to a salon which makes for an inviting feeling from the moment you arrive!  Ra (rah), refers to the ancient god of the sun and the venue embodies that same light, energy, and warmth! Founded by three females, the venue includes the hair bar, facial spa, and more. The RA_ (raw) Bar is super unique and no, it’s not a juice bar! It consists of all-natural, super-healing oils from select fruits and nuts that the founders cocktail into custom conditioning treatments for each individual clients’ needs. Basically, they’ve taken organic home hair remedies and deepened the process, amplifying the results. We got a hair color treatment (biolage) and cut and were delighted with our results.

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