Sep 10, 2020

Chris Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Set to Play at Los Angeles Drive-Ins

Were you worried about missing out on Tenet? Worry no more. The film is set to release at Drive-In’s across Los Angeles.

Tenet is a $200 million espionage epic, which began rolling out in cinema’s across the country as of August 31st, where it could. However, Warner Bros. said Tenet wouldn’t play in markets where indoor movie-going is still off-limits amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, including Los Angeles and New York City, where Christopher Nolan’s films perform particularly well at the box office. Warner Brothers reversed their previous statement earlier this week, just as indoor cinemas in nearby Orange County gained approval to reopen. The O.C. becomes only the second California market to receive the okay after San Diego. It isn’t yet clear when L.A. cinemas will be able to flip on the lights, but it could be weeks away. Here’s to hoping.

This Friday, Tenet is expected be playing in five drive-ins in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as outdoor venues in Orange County, San Diego and the Bay Area.

Drive-in locations have enjoyed a resurgence in attendance since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, giving indoor cinemas across the country and globe no choice but to go dark for months. Tenet is set to be playing in more than 90 Drive-in or outdoor arena locations.