Nov 5, 2020

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” Sets a December Home Release

If you couldn’t make it to a drive-in or one of the few cinema’s this summer playing Tenet, the wait is almost over to see it. Tenet will be coming to your ondemand portals this December.

Tenet will be available in 4k, Blu-Ray, dvd and digital all before the holidays. Tenet will include special edition features in its initial launch. Some features include the 4K combo pack and Blu-ray that will contain the special feature “Looking at the World in a New Way: The Making of Tenet,” an hour-long exploration of the development and production of the film that includes interviews with the cast and crew.

The film is still playing in theaters, Tenet has grossed $347.1 million at the global box office— $53.8 million domestically— as of Nov. 1. Written and directed by Nolan, Tenet stars John David Washington as a spy that is tasked with a mission to prevent a global war that sees him learn to manipulate the flow of time.