Jun 5, 2024

Cillian Murphy Is Sliding Into Tommy F*&cking Shelby Once Again…

Did someone say feature film? Yes, Peaky Blinder’s fans, we can stop mourning the loss of our beloved Tommy F*&cking Shelby as Cillian Murphy has accepted a movie deal with Netflix to reprise his beloved character.

PEAKY BLINDERS, Cillian Murphy, (Season 1, 2013). ©Netflix/courtesy Everett Collection

Netflix has greenlit a movie based on the beloved series that stars Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby, the war hero turned gangster who works his way up in the world of crime in 1900s Birmingham. While the film is described as a “continuation” of the series, plot details are being kept behind tighter security than breaking into Fort Knox (not that we’ve tried, personally).What we do know: Peaky Blinders’ creator Steven Knight penned the screenplay. Tom Harper, who directed episodes in the series’ first season, is set to helm the film for Netflix. Additionally, Steven Knight will co-produce alongside Caryn Mandabach, Cillian Murphy and Guy Heeley. The Peaky Blinders feature film will be made in association with BBC Film.

Of the project Cillian Murphy has stated: “It seems like Tommy Shelby wasn’t finished with me … It is very gratifying to be re-collaborating with Steven Knight and Tom Harper on the film version of Peaky Blinders.”

BRB. We have a Peaky Blinders re-watch to undertake. If you aren’t on the Peaky train (where HAVE you been?) but more importantly hop on now so you can join us for the film’s premiere, which obviously deserves a watch party. Season 1 trailer below. We’ll all be Peaky Blinder’s fans soon enough.