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May 2, 2019

Cinco De Mayo Destination Margaritaville

Take a little adventure up to Margaritaville for Cinco De Mayo this year. Universal Studios is home to more than just a theme park, and this restaurant should be hot on your radar for the fifth.

Jimmy Buffet’s world famous Margaritaville is the perfect destination to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in LA this year. You can kick off your evening with their Margarita sampler. Just like wine flights, you recieve a selection of four of their best selling Margaritas. The drinks are so fun and colorful you will immediately feel transported. The flight consists of : Last Mango in Paris, Fins to the Left, Watermelon, and finally their Who’s to Blame Margarita. It’s perfect to give you a taste of all the variety Margartiaville has to offer, but better yet to get playful on the drink’s most popular day here stateside. The Margarita flights are $19, but if you play your cards right Monday-Friday you can catch their happy hour from 3-6pm.

We kept to the apps to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Which in our opinion Cinco de Mayo should be a national treasure and we should all have off to celebrate properly, but back to business. We kicked off our order with the Ahi Poke Nachos. These are a slightly healthier option of nachos, and we warn you they are quite spicy. Nevertheless we highly recommend snagging these if you’re craving something “nacho like” but not as heavy, we know you’ll love them.

If you want to dive in head first for Cinco De Mayo and all its trappings, jump off the deep end and try the Volcano Nachos. Jam packed to perfection with everything a super nacho platter should ever have. We can only promise that you can’t possibly be disappointed. We recommend sharing these with a group of four. Otherwise the Volcano Nachos are the perfect practice for an eating contest: They. Are. Massive.

Finally we wrapped our Cinco De Mayo inspired adventure with the Chicken Quesadilla. Straight to the point with guacamole, diced tomato, and sour cream fixing, this is a classic dish you can’t go wrong with.

Let us know what your plans are for Cinco De Mayo. Hopefully we’ll catch you at Margaritaville.