Nov 23, 2020

Citizen Detective Invites Players Into An Evening of Whodunnit In Collaboration with The Geffen Playhouse

Citizen Detective is brought to you by The Geffen Playhouse, but your evening is full of facts and clues about a true cold case, from the depths of Hollywood’s silver age of cinema.

Citizen Detective is now extended through February 7th, giving you the exciting chance to solve the evening’s case. Extension tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, November 27 @ 10 am (PST). To get a notification, CLICK HERE. You can also check for returned tickets for performances through December 20, 2020.

True crime detectives, the game is afoot. In this virtual show based on an unsolved 1920s Hollywood murder, audience members become the sleuths in a case that mixes theater, mystery, and collaborative code-breaking. Guided by best-selling true crime author Mickie McKittrick, you and your fellow detectives will uncover the evidence and follow the clues, altering the course of the show every night. Sharpen your pencils and join this interactive ride that questions our collective obsession with solving the impossible. You will recieve player questionnaire’s in advance of the night’s game, along with a dossier on your suspect.


  1. Mickie will be your guide throughout the show. Sometimes the entire group will work together, while at other times you’ll join a smaller breakout room for a more intimate examination of evidence and clues. Ultimately, the entire group will make choices to determine the show’s surprising conclusion.
  2. Prices are per household and all-inclusive. You do not need to purchase additional tickets for family members for the show as long as everyone is sitting around the same computer.
  3. All detectives (one designated person per household) will take a brief personality survey quiz one week before each show. This determines the best fit for the break-out detective group to which you will be assigned to work on specific tasks during the case.
  4. This production will use the Zoom video conferencing platform. Detectives will “check in” to their show up to 30 minutes ahead of curtain, and may be asked to interact with Mickie. Please be prepared to share your video at all times.

With the holidays here, this evening could also make for an incredible show to share with your family. You can also choose to buy out the show for a private evening with your family and friends. To buy out a show be sure to contact: Karen Gutierrez at [email protected]