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Oct 1, 2013


Photo Credit Courtesy of CJ by Cookie Johnson

Press Pass LA attended an exclusive event from CJ by Cookie Johnson (wife of Magic Johnson)- fashion designer and philanthropist this past weekend. Cookie showcased her premium line of women’s denim which will be sold at the new Nordstrom at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. It was a day full of cheer and excitement as Cookie had lots of fans, friends, and celebrity talent come out to support her extraordinary line.

Her high quality denim is so popular because it is made to fit all female body types. It is tailored for the feminine-looking, fashion-aware woman and is avalable in sizes up to 18. The line contains soft cotton, polyester, and spandex fabrics. I was able to try them on firsthand and it was amazing to see how my hips and curves looked smaller and sexier in these jeans! It is a brand that any woman can rock and feel confident and sexy.

In addition, her line of shirts were incredibly soft and lightweight, with a subtle rayon and silk feel to them. Each had a unique design incorporating popular words and messaging. Despite how busy the event was, Cookie made time to chat with everyone, and I asked her about what influenced her to come up with her denim and what the words on her clothing mean to her. “I was having a difficult time finding denim that fit my body type and wanted to create a premium denim line that empowered women. The confidence that great-fitting jeans gives women is the most rewarding thing about creating CJ by Cookie Johnson.” Unlike other brands, CJ by Cookie Johnson is crafted with YOU in mind. She also added, “I looked for inspirational words out of the bible.” She said, “I feel like I am a very faithful person, and I just feel like you know God has blessed us with a lot of different things, amazing things, and it’s like my tribute back to him. So I named all my jeans after inspirational words out of the bible, just anything inspirational! It started out with fruits of the spirits- which are Joy, Grace, Hope, Faith, Peace- words that inspire you and lift you up.”

As a philanthropist, Cookie is spreading the message of TRUTH. “This November, we will be launching THE CHARITY JEAN and THE CHARITY TEE (both called TRUTH), benefiting the Magic Johnson Foundation in support of World AIDS Day (December 1st).” She continued, “The two pieces from the premium denim collection are meant to evoke the spirit of truth in all of us, and together, stop HIV and AIDS if we all act responsibly, practice prevention and educate ourselves. I added the red silk to our denim jeans both at the waistline and visible when you roll up the denim at the bottom. There is also red outer stitching on the side.” $10 from each CHARITY JEAN and $2 from each CHARITY TEE sold will be donated to the Magic Johnson Foundation, in support of HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention. So when we sell these jeans $10 will go to the Magic Johnson foundation for AIDS.” She also added, “In my opinion, it is about the empowerment that walking the walk and being truthful to oneself and others evokes.”

I asked CJ how she felt about denim in the Los Angeles fashion scene. “Now it’s like the coolest thing, it’s worn to everything, places that it’s never been worn before, like work or dinner, even at a nice restaurant if you dress it up.” She continued, “Every girl wants to wear a pair of jeans that look good on them and most markets are going after the unrealistic body type. I am going after the realistic body type, so to me this jean is more the real feminine body.”

As for her design Cookie said, “Comfort is very important to me so I put a lot of spandex in them, they have more room in the hips. I tapered the waist in just a tinnie bit. Next year we are trying to branch more out into a collection and do jackets and tops. This was our little introduction to tops, and we will do more T-shirts and add some jackets and denim shirts and just keep going!” She also indicated that premium denim is usually available in sizes 0-13, her line starts at a Size 24 inch waist which is a 2-4 and goes all the way to a size 18. “People tend to think when they hear curvy and that we go up to a size 18 that we are designing for older women but we are not. We are old, young, we have no age. We just have great styles for both the really young and for older ladies!”

We are sure CJ’s line is going to do a great in stores. She has been working on her denim business for four years and I for one can’t wait to see her progression. Visit CJ by Cookie Johnson. This line is available at Nordstrom,, Neiman Marcus, and over 400 specialty boutiques nationwide.