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Oct 25, 2015


Cold & Thirsty recently held a party to preview their new beauty cleanse products and cryosauna. Cold & Thirsty is the first place to bring cold-pressed juice and cryotherapy together.

After much convincing, I decided to try the 2-minute, whole body cryotherapy session. I stripped down to nothing but a robe, socks, rubber boots and gloves and stepped into the chamber. My head was out so that made me feel better and someone was there to talk me through it. Once inside, I ditched the robe and instantly the temperature started to drop down to a frigid -250 degrees Fahrenheit while filling up with liquid nitrogen. I must say that for someone who hates being cold, the experience wasn’t that bad and was over really fast.


A variety of mylks are ready for the tastings during your session.

Cryotherapy is known for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits as well as weight loss, chronic pain, joint disorders and more. In addition to trying the cryosauna, guests got a chance to try some of the juices and their almond “mylk.” All of the juices and mylks are raw, 100% organic, come in glass bottles and are packed with medicinal herbs and superfoods. Some of the drinks consisted of green maca, cacao goji, pistachio mint and tumeric Almond which were all pretty tasty. I went home with a gift of a one-day cleanse of juices and mylks and also detox bath salts.

I tried all of the mylks and juices and love them all and the wonderful benefits of each. 3, 5 and 7-day cleanses are available to purchase starting at $230 which includes one or more cryosauna sessions. For more information, visit