May 18, 2024

Comedian Mike Young Chats What It’s Like Doing A Set For Netflix Is A Joke Festival

Netflix is a Joke has fast become one of the best and most favored festivals that hits Los Angeles every year. This year, we caught up with comedian Mike Young who was perfoming admist this prestigious line up.

Image Credit: Anthony Acero

PPLA: How does it feel to perform at Netflix is a Joke Festival?  

MY: It feels great to be included in a festival with so many great names in comedy performing this week. The Comedy Store late night hangs were epic and being around my peers and being recognized in the field of stand up by my peers is really all we (comedians) ever want in this wild game. 

PPLA: You just had your first comedy special, how was that and what do you hope to achieve next as a comedian?

MY: My next move in stand up is to shoot another hour and then come October we launch The Rocket Comedy Tour taking us to 25 cities around the country with some of the best talent in the business.

PPLA: Is there anyone you haven’t shared a show with yet, that you’d really like to?

MY: I have to say I’ve been pretty blessed as a stand up comedian. I’ve worked with Chapelle, Sebastian, the great Bob Saget and Joe Rogan, so I’d have to say more than touring with any big names I’d love to keep working with the greats in other capacities like directing them or producing content with them.

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