Nov 18, 2011


Everyday we turn on the news and see devastation globally.  We show our concern, give generously, then proceed with the next task on our agenda.  But what about the people that live amongst these tragedies? They don’t wake up the next day and go back to their ‘regularly scheduled programs’.  Common is an artist who realizes this and decided to continue shining light upon the much needed help for victims of the earthquake that rocked Haiti in January 2010.

Press Pass LA had the privilege to speak to this philanthropic gentleman and other celebrities as Common debuted his music video for his single Sweet off his upcoming album, The Dreamer, The Believer. This event doubled as release party and a silent charity auction that included photographs taken while filming a documentary in Haiti.  The star studded gala, held in West Hollywood, was hosted by LA Confidential, Los Angele’s premiere magazine showcasing the Arts.  The video Sweet gives you a first hand account of the images that still plague a country that never gives up hope for a better tomorrow, even nearly two years after this tragedy.  Common is a speaker for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization, amongst being the founder of his own charity, Common Ground Foundation. In a society riddled with superficiality, it’s refreshing to see an artist with a resume (actor/poet/rapper/author/philanthroper) so extensive, yet he still finds the time to give back and stay humble.  He even stopped to chat with the only lady amongst a sea of male reporters and photographers (I literally had to push my way to the front and scream over the boys!).  There are still princes in a sea of frogs.

Visit his charities to donate and look out for Common on his TV show Hell on Wheels on AMC.

Check out his video for Sweet, shot in Haiti and currently featured as one of MTV’s top videos.