The Inside Noise, Underground
May 18, 2018

Confidence is the best accessory

Everyday situations can sometimes take a toll on your confidence. From bad news, arguments, to not having the day go your way, it can have a huge impact on the rest of your week. Don’t let those moments take years away from you. There are two ways to lift your confidence:

1. Continue to build relationships with people who build you up!
You need people who are heading in the same direction as you. Positive relationships/friendships like those will only push you further towards your life goals. A real friend or partner will never belittle your aspirations, or ask you to give up on them. You cannot be happy when you are only partially fulfilled.

I will NOT keep bad company. <– Take a good look at that mantra. Write it down, say it in your head ten times a day. Whatever it takes. Just make sure you stick to it.

When you lose your confidence you will lose your momentum. Do not surround yourself with people who pick at your dreams, beliefs, and aspirations. Surround yourself with people who support your beliefs and dreams, that way the negative can roll off your back. So many people do the opposite and fall short of their potential. Sometimes you have to really evaluate your life. Ask yourself some questions about your relationships/friendships.

Who encourages my dreams?

Answer that and those are the only people you need in your life. They will continue to build you up and keep you strong on days when you are weak or falter. In your lowest moment the people who still stand by you and support you will help define who you are.

2. Learn to let go of your past mistakes and failures!

If you always hold on to your past mistakes or failures (or both) it is the number one cause of failure! Learn to let it go! Every morning represents a new day full of NEW opportunity and hope so let go of the old.

You must be dedicated to your dream! Even with mistakes, you can only learn from them. Don’t dwell on what didn’t happen. Learn to let go of the past, it will only hold you back! Letting go will set you free to accomplish new things and move on! Do not let your past chain you it will destroy your confidence! Confident people are not bound by their insecurities. Everyone has insecurities. EVERYONE. Let that sink in. Then go out and face your obstacles knowing everyone is fighting their own fight. Happy successfull people have loads of set backs. Even the happiest couple in the room has had set backs. The difference is that they look towards what is next, and not what is past.


Not having confidence leads to:

1. Unrealized potential
2. Negative outlook on life
3. Bad relationship choices

Here is a great quote for you all: “Do not throw away your confidence! You will persevere if you follow it, and you will be richly rewarded.” Experience is the only teacher if you want to gain confidence! Once you know what doesn’t work, the good news is you’re 100% free to go out and find out what does. Nothing is stopping you. To attain your goals you can’t only wish. You have to make the decision to step forward and follow it, to walk everyday towards your goal! You have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve anything. Once you do you will realize that you can release unlimited potential but you have to take the first step and have a little faith…followed by enough confidence to take another step! Do NOT get caught up in an insecure world! You weren’t put on this Earth to be a timid little field mouse. Think of the incredible things humans have accomplished. There is nothing that they had, that you don’t also have. It’s all inside of you. So go ahead be a little delusional, and go after that little creative voice that gives you crazy ideas. Sometimes those small moments turn into defining moments in your life. This is a bit for myself as well. Going out into new territory, or letting myself feel an emotion I’ve kept bottled up can be frieghtening. Instead of running away from it, and sabotaging my chances, Im going to put myself out there and just give it a chance. I don’t know how my story ends. None of us do. But I know it’s not healthy to sit around and say “NO” to every opportunity because of a fear of being hurt. Maybe it will turn out amazing, or maybe it won’t. I don’t know. Not knowing is the scariest feeling. But this is where I have to think on this post, and what I want to convey to all of you. You have to try. Trying is half the battle. If you’re willing to try then you already have the confidence. It will follow the new adventure you embark on in your life.

Everyone is always asking me what drives me…and how am I confident? I thank my amazing out of this world family, and supportive friends!! They made me a little crazy. I’m not anymore confident than the next person sitting next to me. Honestly I’m just willing to fail. I will continue failing until I get what I want. Granted, sometimes this can be a painful journey. There have been tears, and angry days. I’d be a super robot if I hadn’t. All of it is part of the experience though. While I’ve learned there are MANY things I am not good at, not one bit. There are also many things I can say I’m great at.

I am blessed to have an incredibly supportive family. That’s why the people who you let into your life are so important. My best friends have been there everytime I have face planted. And you know what? They didn’t say “well you can quit now.” Many, many times, they have been the arm lifting me off the ground saying ok round 2. Those are the kind of people you want in your life! They are out there, go and find them!!! Real friends, close family…they don’t grow on trees. You will not be a social butterfly with 500 really close friends. If you’re really lucky you’ll have two, maybe. But they are worth more than all the gold in world, and the stars in the sky. Value them! Here, I feel like alot of people lack that.

I hope this helps you guys who needed to hear it. I am confident, but even I have my bad days when I falter in things I believe in. I’m writing this to reflect on the things I have to be greatful for. Sometimes we all just need a moment to appreciate the good. Appreciating the good reminds us things aren’t so bad, and it boosts your confidence. Failing reminds me to cherish my good friends who are always there for me and to lend an ear to them when they have a bad day or need help. You can’t just have it one way either. To have great friends, you must be a great friend. Listen when they need it, consul when they need it, and don’t be silent when they need discipline either!

Even on your worst day look and see…you’ll be surprised to realize how much good you have around you! You just don’t realize it because you’re so focused on the bad! So think positively! Anyone can keep positive influences in their life and cut out the negative ones..I did you can do it too.



Trust me, even your closest friends can sometimes change. When people you love start putting you down, it warps the way you see the world. Don’t hold on to someone who belittles you because you love who they used to be in your life. If they’re no longer that person then you must let go. If it’s meant to be they’ll come back. All you can do is walk away and surround yourself with people who love and care for you. Strive to be the best you possible! Keep going, keep your head up and smile!