Television, What to Watch
Mar 13, 2020

Cooped Up And In Need Of “Crisis” TV and Film Inspiration? We’ve Got You Covered

Many of us are cooped up at home with jobs almost everywhere being closed or on hiatus. But, if you’re anything like us instead of watching a dating show you might be in the mood for some good old fashioned end of times entertainment? Well if you are, this list is for you.

Viruses have always been around, and like anything they come and go. So too do amazing end of the world tv series and films. Here is a list for those of us who are as morbidly fascinated as we are.

This one hits close to home and is based on a true story that happened right here in the USA just miles from the White House. Check out Nat Geo’s The Hot Zone.

Want a little more fiction than fact? Lets check out the movie Contagion if you haven’t. Full warning, it hits a bit close to home, albeit you get a team of very hot specialists rushing to save the world from germs.

Need a little bit more LOL in your end of the world apocalypse viewings? Well we recommend Zombieland and Zombieland: Double Tap for anyone looking for a survival guide tempered by humor.

Looking for more of a sci-fi action blockbuster? You can’t possibly leave out War of The Worlds. This jaw dropping sci-fi action spectacle is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat if you haven’t seen it already.

Want to hit a little too close to home? Bring it back to 1995 with Outbreak. A monkey comes to a small town in California and with its trip, brings a deadly disease.

Let us know what shows you’re watching while so many of us find ourselves in unexpected quarantine.