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May 27, 2013


You may remember an article we published just before the holidays about a directing-acting duo from England, the Jagger Brothers. They were taking Hollywood by storm, namely, the AFM where they were pitching their award winning film The Paddy Lincoln Gang. After much success, they are back stateside with their next not-to-miss project, Corbin’s Nash.

The earlier film, The Paddy Lincoln Gang, focused on a rock band who had everything, including a lead singer with a dark past who could risk it all for the band. That film went on to win multiple awards on the festival circuit including Best of Fest, Best Actor, Best and Best Actress at the SoCal Film Festival, the Platinum Award in Oregon, and become an official selection of both the Mississippi Sun & Sand and the Sevastopol Film Festivals. It is currently being handled by Peacepoint TV and Stealth Media Group for international sales.

It was no surprise with the success of their debut feature film, the Jagger Brothers would soon be back in action. Their latest film Corbin’s Nash, is currently in production and being shot in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Ben Jagger is directing and Dean Jagger is playing the elusive central character Corbin Nash. The story’s premise is that nothing is more dangerous than a killer that wants to be famous. The film is fronted by Enhance Entertainment and Star Tree Productions and it follows the story of Corbin Nash over a single night.

“One night two filmmakers set out to make history by teaming up with an urban Legend, L.A.’s most infamous vigilante. Once uncovering the truth about this violent killer, they are led on a brutal trail of revenge by a Vampire named Corbin Nash. Playing on the notion that Vampires are the architects of time, puppet masters of the very world we inhabit today, Corbin Nash plays the comic book style anti-hero who under the guise of this brutal vigilante to the real world is out on a quest to destroy and expose this evil hidden world he loathes that he believes he was forced to become a part of against his will,” Director Ben Jagger tells Press Pass LA exclusively.

The Jagger brothers wrote the film along with fellow British writer Chris Taylor and it is set to hit theaters in 2014. We sat down for a brief chat with the Jagger Brothers to learn more!

PPLA: How did the idea for Corbin’s Nash come about?

BEN JAGGER: Sometimes I struggle to remember my dreams and often find myself daydreaming instead about film concepts or scene ideas. I woke up one morning from a dream I remembered and had to write it down. It was a play by play of a scene from Corbin’s Nash. The scene was how I would reveal the true character of Corbin Nash. This is where the film was born and as I always do, I began working on the concept with my brother Dean and later teamed up with another close friend and writing partner Chris Taylor.

PPLA: A lot of film and TV properties have tackled the notion of vampires lately. How will your film differ?

BEN JAGGER: The one thing I was adamant about was creating something different within the Vampire genre as I was sick of seeing the same thing time and time again, which was all the pretty people with fangs falling in love. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all fine, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I plan to film this project with more of a subjective style of shooting to give it a gritty Indie edge, which supports the narrative and the main characters attributes.

PPLA: How would you describe your lead character Corbin Nash, played by your own brother Dean?

BEN JAGGER: With Corbin Nash, I wanted to create a more down and dirty character with all of his flaws and imperfections to show his humanity is still within. An anti-hero the audience could get behind, despite the fact he is a monster. The way I’d sum up Corbin Nash is that if Edward Cullen is a boy band member, then Corbin Nash is a rock star! He’s not pretty….he’s not perfect… but he’s very fucking entertaining! He’s an outlaw…a likeable rogue, and he’s going to take you on a 90-minute ride you won’t ever forget.

PPLA: Dean, how would you describe your approach to Corbin?

DEAN JAGGER: Corbin’s far from perfect, quite a brute actually! He’s the kind of guy that would put you through a wall to make a door if he didn’t like you.

PPLA: Would you consider him a hero or a villain?

DEAN JAGGER: The one idealism he has is that he’s patriotic. I love the fact he’s a huge baseball fan, given his Father was a famous ball player. This is galvanized in his character throughout the movie in more ways than one without giving anything away. He’s neither hero nor villain. He’s both.

Move over Edward Cullen, there’s a new player in town!