Dec 26, 2020

CrimeDoor App by 5X Emmy Winning Producer, Neil Mandt, Delivers TrueCrime Fans AR Experience Like Never Before

True Crime is more popular than ever. Podcasts, documentaries and TV shows are diving into true crime leaving fans craving more…

Enter, CrimeDoor, a new one of a kind Augmented Reality (AR) app that “opens the doors” to real crime scenes. When users enter these doors they are brought into a virtual experience that identically replicates crime scene photos.  Essentially, you are stepping into the exact scenes detectives encountered when they originally arrived to a crime scene!

The app allows users and law enforcement alike to access the crime scene in perpetuity to help solve the case.  Imagine being able to walk into the crime scenes of the most famous cases and explore the deaths of icons like Nicole Brown Simpson, Jon Bénet Ramsey, John Lennon, Tupac and more. Now you can!

With over 300 cases and thousands of hours of content to date, CrimeDoor adds new cases daily. The app is laid out into three sections: the Map with pinpoints of cases by geo location; CrimeDoors to enter the AR crime scenes, and Latest Profiles featuring all news relevant to a case curated in one spot.

The thing we love most is that CrimeDoor does not celebrate killers but gives a voice to the victims. The focus is on unsolved murders and missing persons. The goal is not only to entertain fans of true crime, but allow them to participate in the process of potentially solving these crimes by raising awareness of these cases and hopefully bringing justice for those who can no longer speak for themselves. 

CrimeDoor is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, where it was created by husband and wife team, Neil Mandt and Lauren Mandt, during the pandemic. Neil is a five-time EMMY Award-winning Producer, Director and Tech Entrepreneur. Since 2015, Neil has been a pioneer of content creation in Augmented and Virtual Reality, creating over 20 original series in the immersive space.

Lauren Mandt is a media veteran, with a background in marketing and operations in fashion, wellness, television and immersive media. Since 2015, Lauren has focused exclusively on creating AR/VR content. Her clients include IndyCar, Fox News, Coca-Cola and more. Lauren is also a true crime aficionado and it was that passion that drove the creation of CrimeDoor. 

The AR experiences on CrimeDoor offer next level engagements that add value to traditional media and offer the consumer/detective/prosecutor/journalist or anyone who is really interested in “understanding” a crime the ability to do so in a manner never before possible, until now. After all, to understand something, you must experience it.

The duo is in the process of partnering with Hollywood Studios, news networks, celebrity talent and more to release CrimeDoors in tandem with real time news and entertainment projects.

In addition, the team is working with famed Cold Case Investigator, Paul Holes, who specialized in cold cases and serial predator crimes for 27 years. He is best known for being across the famous Zodiac, Golden State Killer, and Jaycee Dugard cases. Currently, he has partnered with CrimeDoor to bring attention to the Cali local case of Rebecca Zahau. CrimeDoor is about to drop an AR door of her crime scene in hopes of renewing public pressure, law enforcement interest and bringing closure to her family.

Holes currently appears on the television show The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes and his  podcast Jensen & Holes:  The Murder Squad.  

Download the CrimeDoor app in iOS or Android.