Jul 6, 2023

Dances With Films Returns To Hollywood

Dances with Films is an annual Hollywood staple in the film festival community. The festival is one of the best for upcoming and emerging talent telling stories in our modern day and age.

Image Credit: Dustin McWerthy

Dances With Films has come into its 26th year! This festival which takes place in the heart of Hollywood each year is the largest indie film festival in Los Angeles. It has been hailed by Indiewire as “widely recognized as the premiere showcase of innovative independent cinema, presenting amazing undiscovered talent to an industry audience in Hollywood.” 

The festival’s mission statement runs as follows: Dedicated to giving opportunities to creative talents who may not be considered ‘Names’, DWF stands out from the crowd with not only the community we’ve built, but by the success of our alumni and the shared loyalty of DWF relationships.

In addition to showing the hard work of filmmakers, Dances with Films also boasts the 2 Minute Short Film Challenge. And on the creative side, DWF also produces up to ten short films during the week of the festival. The 2 Minute Short Film Challenge has become an exciting favorite program at the festival. Utilizing the latest digital technology and pure filmmaking ingenuity, submitted scripts are shot, edited and screened in front of evening competition films during the festival.

Dances With Films also qualify’s a slate of shorts for Academy Award® consideration through their friends at Laemmle Theatres and Double Exposure in Los Angeles. Short films that premiere with DWF actually have a higher possibility of being Academy® qualified than most any other short film competition in the country.

One of the highlights from this year’s festival included, the highly anticipated world premiere of Me, Myself, & The Void, a thought-provoking dark comedy directed by Tim Hautekiet and produced by Echobend Pictures, took place at the renowned Dances with Films Festival on Saturday, July 1st. The film captivated audiences with its unique storytelling approach, as well as its fun and memorable performances by the talented cast, including Jack De Sena (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars, Raya & The Last Dragon). Set against the backdrop of a surreal and mysterious world that exists outside of time and space Me, Myself, & The Void explores the complexities of identity and the human psyche. The mind-bending narrative unfolds as the protagonist, brilliantly portrayed by De Sena, grapples with the blurred lines between reality and illusion.

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