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Oct 19, 2015


The ominous Queen Mary stands guard over Long Beach Harbor teeming with ominous stories of ghouls and ghosts. The historic ship has seen myriad horrors in her lifetime, many of those stories becoming the basis for the mazes at Dark Harbor.

There are many options in Los Angeles for scares during the month of October, each one catering to a certain niche, and each of varying quality – Dark Harbor is in the top tier. Dark Harbor is like a twisted carnival thought up by the minds behind something like American Horror Story.

Queen-Mary-Dark-Harbor-2014_ScaryMary_1Each maze has a theme and a story behind it, adding to the ambiance. The scariest being Lullaby, Soulmate, and B340 – which coincidentally are all built into the ship herself. The best thing about Dark Harbor, however, is the ambiance of the entire park. Most haunts offer respite from the zombies and ghouls, keeping them into “scare zones.” Not Dark Harbor. At any turn walking around the yard, a pants wetting scare might await.

Written by:Craig Sherwood