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Mar 15, 2013


Photo Credit, Dirt Junior

D.C.‘s Darkest Hour performed a small but solid show at Rock City Studios in Camarillo, California, with their first show of the year serving as a warm-up for the band. Several local acts opened for Darkest Hour, including Los Angeles-based Goliath- featuring two vocalists, lots of breakdowns, and a sweet deathcore sound that got a circle pit moving with the young crowd that was beginning to gather.

By the time Darkest Hour took the stage at a little after ten, the excitement was palpable as they put on an energetic and slick performance that included tracks both old and new with everything from “With a Thousand Words to Say But One” offUndoing Ruin through to “Doomsayer’ and ‘Demon(s)” off Deliver us to “Savor the Kill” and “Love as a Weapon” off The Human Romance, and closer “The Sadist Nation” off Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation making the setlist for the night. All in all a great warm up show despite one or two technical difficulties, with one of the guitars, prompting vocalist John Henry to ask the audience to join him and ‘tell Lonestar it’s going to be ok’.

Any true Darkest Hour fan will be kicking themselves for missing this chance to see the band in a small low key venue like Rock City Studios! Check out our interview with John and Mike backstage before the show!