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Apr 13, 2014


Recently The Inside Noise Show, a new entertainment radio show and Press Pass LA partner, had their musical bones tickled by a true dynamic duo- David & Devine. Dave Yaden and Candace Devine make up this “pop-soul” group, who are talented musicians indeed. Devine is the epitome of a powerhouse vocalist, while Yaden has been billed as a “Piano Virtuoso” who also lends his voice to vocals as well. Most recently David & Devine released their newest single “A Song For You” on March 25.

Devine’s voice is quite powerful, but very moving, while Yaden’s piano skills are the perfect accompaniment and leave no yearning for any other instruments. While on The Inside Noise Show we discovered Devine to be the sassy outspoken one of the two, while Yaden seemed to be thoughtful and introspective.DavidAndDevineMusic

Their contrasting personalities seemed to lend perfectly to their writing and creative abilities as a team. This is one group The Inside Noise Show can’t wait to hear more from, which is great because they have an acoustic album in the works that we are ready to get our hands on!

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