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Nov 8, 2012


Video, Crystal Mello/ Editor Jennifer Buonantony

I had the privlige to attend the 7th Annual Denim and Diamonds Autism Fundraiser in Malibu, CA, presented by ACT Today! (Autism Care & Treatment Today) where there was no shortage of stars coming out to support the cause.

With recent developments in technology, we are able to calculate that 1 in 88 children are effected by Autism and that number is climbing.  We were able to talk with actor Joe Mantegna and television executive Steve Mauldin, the evening’s honorees for their  efforts in raising awareness of Autism. Both men have daughters with the condition.  After speaking with them and many more who have direct connections to Autism, it was clear to see that events like the Denim & Diamonds Fundraiser are exactly what we need to spread the word, come together to educate each other, and be there to support one another for the cause.  A silent auction was also held to raise money for Autism and Brian McKnight was in attendance to sing to the star studded crowd and Autism supporters alike.

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