New Media
Oct 18, 2019

Digital Darling: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a fashion darling, and if you didn’t know, we’re here to tell you about her YouTube channel.

Image Still Courtesy Alexa Chung YouTube

Have you ever been curious about French fashion? Perhaps you’ve mulled over British sensibilities? Just like some good old fashioned office tours? Need to take a peek into her closets? We have you covered.

If you aren’t familiar with Alexa here is a bit of a crash course on her, from the lady of the hour herself.

Alexa Chung has quite a few videos on her YouTube channel, as she is yet another celebrity cashing in on the digital platform. One of our favorite series within her YouTube platform is her French one (Franglais). Yes, she’s British but she goes around asking French women everything. Want to date like a French girl? Covered. Wear Clothing like a French girl? Check that off the list, and so on. She also has a great office tour, and you can alway enjoy her effortless cool girl persona as she takes us through her style, her antics, and her interests. Honestly Alexa Chung might be able to turn up in a bag and we’d be interested. Here’s to hoping you love her series as much as we do. Let us know your thoughts.