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Dec 11, 2020

Digital Darlings: A Senior Ballerina’s Last Performance

A story to inspire you and warm your heart is this, (now) 80 year old ballerina, Suzelle Poole, is still dancing and filling the stage with her joy of dance. You can’t help but be mesmerized and touched by her.

You can learn more of her story with this interview by the BBC from 2017. She emanates such grace, and shows that you are capable of continuing anything that you love, for the entirety of your life. Listen to the kind words said by her students. Madame Suzelle Poole started dancing age 7. She is now 77 and is still teaching and performing. She is also an avid writer of poetry, you can find her work online under her name Suzelle Poole. An inspiration to never give up what you love.