Jul 8, 2024

Digital Darlings: Audrey Helps Actors Podcast Talks Agent Theft

In a shocking subject for this week’s Audrey Helps Actors podcast, KMR comes into discussion as the agency’s theft of over $3 Million from clients comes to light.

KMR is a massive agency in the industry, with departments spanning all facets of entertainment, inclduing theatrical, commercial, stunts, voiceover and more. Allegedly there are over 300 people involved all with varying amounts of money stolen from them by the agency and their poor practices. In the backlash that has followed, new agencies have been formed from staff who left KMR in addition to others joining differing agencies across town.

Staffers from two talent agencies that recently ceased operations — temporarily or permanently — are coming together. Matt Fletcher and Katie McGrath from KMR Talent, which suspended its SAG-AFTRA franchise last month, have joined Arise Artists Agency. Arise Artists is a company that was recently launched by former A3 Artists Agency President Brian Cho following A3’s shutdown. Fletcher and McGrath join former A3 agents Ashley Partington, Abbie Waters and Nic Frascino, who joined Arise at its inception.

According to SAGAFTRA: There are over $1.2 million in current claims against a $50k surety bond that KMR has. Yikes.

What do you think of this news? The KMR agency has left the association of talent agents. Do you believe agencies who are not part of the association of talent agents should be able to represent SAGAFTRA actors? Weigh in. We want to hear the industry’s thoughts on the subject.

Who can you trust if the people entrusted with your earnings, are taking them? A residual check can be a make or break moment for a jobbing actor who relies on every income that comes their way. What do you have to say on this news? Are you surprised? Do you believe the actors should’ve been more vigilant? How precisely does 3 million dollars take this long to be reported missing? When did the reports of missing money begin? We have more questions than answers as this news continues to come to light.

*Thumbnail image: Giorgio Trovato