Sep 7, 2020

Digital Darlings: Brie Larson

We love prowling the internet to bring you what great content is popping up. Brie Larson decided to open her very own YouTube page, and it is a hidden gem.

We popped on part 2 of her audition series, as Brie details jobs she hasn’t gotten. You’ll find part.1 below. For all the success we see actors have, we miss the plethora of jobs they didn’t get. In an illuminating video for anyone wanting to be an actor, currently struggling in the audition process, or just curious, Brie is giving us an inside look.

In her own words her Part. 2 description reads as follows: We’re back with more failures! I’ve been through so many auditions I feel like I’ve seen ALL OF THE THINGS… so let’s break it all down… again! If you have any suggestions on what you’d like me to do next, please drop them in the comments below!

The first in Brie’s audition time story she has uploaded is below. This video was posted on August 13th.

With everyone in quarantine and staying at home, it is easy to feel down on yourself. It’s ok and normal to feel down and out. Maybe you feel stuck, but Brie’s video series is really inspiring, because even when the world is busy, it’s not all sunshine and daises. As an actor whose booked Oscar Winning films like Room or big franchises like Captain Marvel, you don’t see everything she has lost out on. This can happen to anyone. Loosing out on a job and bouncing back doesn’t just apply to actors. Anyone can relate. Whose ever wanted a promotion and lost out on it? Many, many, many of us. Brie’s video is a real spot of hope, remember even in the thick of things, nobody is ever 100% killing it. We all get knocked down, what’s important is how we get back up.