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Dec 1, 2021

Digital Darlings: Joe Towne Q+A

We caught up with The Better Podcast creator Joe Towne, here we are chatting all things life, movtivation and the force behind creating The Better Podcast.

Image Courtesy: Joe Towne

Joe Towne is best known for his The Performer’s Mindset workshops and how he’s launched his podcast The Better Podcast, which led us to catch up with him about his new venture.

PPLA: Why did you decide to launch The Better Podcast? 

JT: Hey, thanks! I decided to launch The Better Podcast because in my own life, I am deeply curious about what getting better looks like. I’m interested in how it affects our day to day, our craft, our relationships to ourselves and the world around us. There are a few podcasts that I listen to regularly, that I love listening to, that I learn from. But so many of them, to me, barely scratch the surface. 

I kept being encouraged to start a podcast by colleagues and clients and some relative strangers. Consistently, I would come out of a coaching session or a luncheon and wish I could share some of what we learned through our conversations but that’s not what those private explorations are for. 

The idea wouldn’t let go of me. So, I challenged myself to have twelve conversations, twelve perspectives on better. And here we are.

PPLA: With the podcast market so oversaturated, what makes it a must tune in listen? What do you hope audience takes from the show?

JT: I think that there are so many offerings because people are so hungry for this art form. We love the idea that there is a meaningful conversation happening at the intersection of art and sport. And the idea that our mindset and daily habits that influence every part of our lives. But we also don’t just want to speak about it generally, we want to turn our insights into action.

What our community most sees to be responding to are the unique perspectives that are part of this season of conversations. And the educational components which are woven into each episode as I speak directly to the listener about important things.

I am hopeful that by creating a show that embodies the principles we talk about that it will resonate with some folks and that the more people keep finding out about our unique structure and tone, that they will keep coming back.

Lastly, I hope that people take something we spoke about inside the episode and move that conversation into their own communities. This is our deepest intention is that these conversations spark positive change and invite us all to be better together.

PPLA: How do you select your guests?

JT: It started with meditating on the question: who would I love to learn from?  So, I wrote down a list of people, either that I know or that I might have to reach out to. I ended up with a list of people across multiple fields: sport, science, psychology, cuisine, creating television and movies, singing and playing music, photographing icons. Each of them has made a mark on me and in the world. And each of them expresses their creativity from unique perspectives. More than anything I wanted the entire season to tell a story, a journey, so that we could all get better together.

PPLA: You just announced the remainder of your season 1 guests – what episodes are you most excited for people to hear?

JT: I did! I couldn’t wait for people to learn from Dr Anthony Sparks because his work on Queen Sugar is impacting a lot of people and our conversation went there. I am super excited about this coming episode, with the producer of Ted Lasso and her journey to getting the show made.  But learning from Grammy Winners and what Baseball has to do with success later in life, and celebrating an artist like Malcolm-Jamal (Warner) and what he is seeking in his life…and then getting to speak with the man who wrote books with Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant and who is in the photography Hall of Fame? I’m excited about each and every one of them. 

PPLA: What can actors, performers and athletes learn from your workshops at The Performer’s Mindset?

JT: We do a lot of things at The Performers Mindset. We have weekend intensives where we help hold up a mirror to people’s current Mindset and see what comes up for them. We address everything from lowering the knob on head noise to seeking more artistic and creative flow. Along the way, we address training confidence, cross training our perspectives to better understand our job in “the room” and then how to make sense of what happened after the fact. So that we can learn and grow and set up a sustainable approach instead of one teetering towards burnout.

We address how to learn more efficiently and with greater enjoyment. We invite people outside of their comfort zones to see what shows up. We connect people to a deeper understanding of what stories they are carrying into the room with them, and we do work that mirrors what to do in an interview or media days. 

We have experts in improvisation, on-camera techniques, working in the moment and broadcasting. We also work alongside many complementary experts who we collaborate with as well as people explore the habits that are no longer working and need to be reframed and retrained. We seek ways to optimize every aspect of our performing lives and everything we do can be backed up by science.

All in all, we want people to remember why they started, see how the shifting landscapes of our world can bring something new out from inside of us and to have as much fun playing in the journey as they do on game day.

PPLA: What advice do you have for talent pursuing The Hollywood Dream?

JT: To train flexibility. To cultivate sustainable habits. To get passionate to be one percent better over a long stretch of time. To decouple from external feedback as a source of motivation and measurements of our value. To find a community that both supports and challenges us towards being fully who we are, even in and especially in life “biggest” moments. To honor themselves in their work. And to lift up others along the way to success. We are all in this together.